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FAQs: Permits for RV and trailer on-street parking


How can I apply for another permit?

You can apply for a permit on-line at Online parking permits are issued 24/7. Permits will be issued only to residents of the city of El Cajon, where the vehicle is registered to a city of El Cajon address (not including post office box).



Who do I call for help with questions about my permit?

To leave a message reference RV parking permits please call (619) 579 3394. If you have questions regarding the ordinance please go to:



How many permits can I get?

This year from January 1 2021 through December 30 2021 you can receive a maximum of 52 permits. Every calender year thereafter, you'll also receive a maximum of 52 permits.



What is the fee?

The permits are free.



How long is a permit for?

You can choose to apply for an on-street permit for one day, two days, or a maximum of three days. The permit is good for the date it is issued for and expires at midnight, regardless of the time it was issued.



Can the permits be consecutive?

Yes, except a minimum of three days must separate the last day of a 3 day permit and the first day of another permit. This is to prevent consecutive permits from turning into de facto vehicle storage.



How many of my RVs and trailers can get permits?

The system will allow you to get a permit for a maximum of two vehicles (for an RV and the trailer it tows, for example) at the same address. Only two permits will be issued at any one time, but owners of multiple RV's or trailers can park any of them with a valid permit as long as no more than two are parked at one time. These permits apply towards the 52 total allotted permits per calender year.



Can time unused on a permit be transferred to another vehicle?

Time remaining on a two or three day permit cannot be transferred from one RV to another.



Do I need a permit just to unload?

No permit is needed for the immediate loading and unloading of your RV. Apply for a permit if you expect to leave your RV parked and unattended for an extended period or over night.



What’s the penalty for parking without a valid permit?

RV's, Trailers and commercial vehicles parked on city streets will be cited if their owner does not have a valid on street parking permit. The citation for parking without a permit is $104.50 per day.



Do the new ordinances apply to RVs and trailers not registered to a El Cajon address?

The city of El Cajon ordinance 10.28.070 ECMC bans the on street parking of non city of El Cajon registered RV's trailers and commercial vehicles.